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Founded in 1987, Scortenn has become a key player on the international tennis circuit.

For over 35 years, the company has been equipping tennis courts all over the world, offering a wide range of scoring and display solutions for both major international tournaments and local clubs.

Products & services

Electronic displays

For sale or hire, Scortenn offers a wide range of displays to meet the requirements of national and international tennis federations.

  • Indoor / Outdoor display
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Control via control panel and/or remote control
  • Customizable play modes
  • Made-to-measure

LED scoreboards

In addition to our classic score displays, we offer customized LED video solutions that can also be used to broadcast all kinds of media: player presentations, statistics, advertising clips, messages and other visual content.

Field laps

Display your partners close to your event with our LED field towers, available in indoor and outdoor versions.

Modular according to your needs, LED signage is the ideal solution for energizing your meetings while offering exceptional visibility to your partners.

Make your event a memorable experience by captivating your audience with dynamic, personalized content.

Big screens

Get in on the action with our giant LED screens!

Whether in the grandstands, on the edge of the courts or in public entertainment areas, our giant screens will help you create a vibrant, unforgettable atmosphere for all spectators.

Welcome messages, advertising clips, real-time scores and statistics, live TV signals, slow-motion replays, live interviews… Adapt the content of our giant screens instantly for an immersive tennis experience.


For many years, Scortenn has been one of the preferred suppliers to the world’s tennis governing bodies.

Our scoring software captures real-time score information from the main refereeing software used on the circuit and automatically displays it on our various displays.

Radar & Timers

Take advantage of our screens and add another dimension to your meetings by broadcasting game time, service speed or “shot clock”.

Thanks to their customizable formats, colors and layouts, these displays can be easily integrated into your court, and will also enable you to showcase your partners on this high-visibility medium.

Draw software

Our draw display software can be used to broadcast live, on giant screens or monitors, the creation of a final table customized in the tournament’s colors.

Create a show-stopping moment by bringing together partners, press and public to present the main participants and determine the highlights of the tournament.

Some of our achievements


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