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Affichage LED pour la communication

Equipping town halls, local authorities and businesses, we have honed our expertise in the installation of LED solutions for professionals from all walks of life. From small businesses to town halls, we support all your projects to improve and energize your communication.

Produits & services

Information screens

Inform your audience in real time thanks to our color screens equipped with the latest energy-efficient LED technology.

Dynamic and bright, they’ll grab the attention of passers-by and your messages won’t go unnoticed.

Program your own messages, still and animated images at the times you want, thanks to simple, user-friendly software.

Affichage LED pour la communication :
écran d'information

LED signs

Affichage LED pour la communication
Enseigne lumineuse

Want to increase your company’s visibility? LED signage is the solution. It lets you display your logo and present your field of activity in a variety of ways.

Providing exceptional visibility even in direct sunlight, this LED display allows you to display a variety of dynamic content, which can be modified remotely and with just a few clicks, according to your needs.

Give your company constant, dazzling visibility, reinforcing your presence in the urban landscape.

Advertising screens

Choose sustainable advertising! Our LED screens are energy-efficient, offering exceptional visibility while reducing energy consumption.

Thanks to automatic brightness adjustment, your advertising messages will reach your target audience, day and night, with maximum impact.

Our LED displays can be installed on the roadside, in your parking lot, on the facade or inside your building, and are suitable for all sizes of business. Advertisements, promotions, events… let your message shine through in style!

Affichage LED pour la communication
écran publicitaire

Window screens / Totems

Affichage LED pour la communication
Totem LED

Our display solutions enable you to transform your storefront into a dynamic, digital showcase with dazzling visuals.

Grab the attention of all eyes by broadcasting powerful messages on our LED totems, and showcase your promotions and products in an unforgettable way.

A lot of applications are possible: lobbies, conference rooms, shops, restaurants, events…

Some of our achievements


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